Tuesday 30 June 2015


Every year, the SGA receives some fantastic Silent Auction lots which arrive just after the booklet print deadline. 2015 is no different. 

We've received some great lots which are open for bids IMMEDIATELY. Please have a look below and make your bids in the normal way. The SGA appreciates the support of all donors and those who bid for the prizes. We hope to see you all at Scottish Game Fair and Highland Field Sports Fair as we enter the 2015 summer show season.

Web Lot 1: Duck flight for 6 guns on Horseupcleugh Estate in the Lammermuirs.  Between November and end of January. To be arranged with the Head Keeper. 
Guide price: £300.00.

Web Lot 2: Prints from Willie Forbes:

Golf Print: The Dairy Dip – Balmoral Golf Club.
The Drookit
Morning Mist
Dawn before the Twelfth
Guide price £50.00 per print.

Web Lot 3: Fishing at Dunkeld House, 2 on boat. Guide price is £200.00.
Donated by: Simon Furniss.
Contact the SGA office for arrangements.

Web Lot 4: Driven Grouse Day in the Angus Glens, Friday 18th September 2015, 9 Guns, 80 brace driven day. 
Guide price: £14,000.00 
No subletting allowed.

Web Lot 5: Driven Grouse Day in Aberdeenshire, Wednesday 21st October 2015, 9 guns, 80 brace driven day. 
Guide price £14,000.00 
No subletting allowed.

Contact SGA Office for further details.

Tuesday 23 June 2015


The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill was introduced to The Scottish Parliament today: See links to the full detail here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/Bills/90675.aspx

Commenting on the introduction of the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill, Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman Alex Hogg said: “Gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies are proud people. We have faced huge challenges and have had to adapt to new ways of working; more in the last decade than at any other time in history.
“However, we have done it. We know what we do benefits Scotland’s countryside, its wildlife and communities and we know the integral part we play, in the public interest.
“As we have said all along, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s objective is to try to protect, as best as we can, the jobs of rural workers and their families and this remains the goal.
“Good can come from land reform but we must ensure that working people are not caught in the crosshairs of the negatives and we will continue to engage with Scottish Government on how the new ratings systems will work, with a view to preserving fragile employment.
“In our Year of the Rural Worker, we will do all we can to ensure the contributions of these men and women- and others like them- are recognised and valued, and not diminished in any way.”

Monday 22 June 2015


The SGA would like to thank all those who nominated candidates for the 2015 SGA Young Gamekeeper of the Year award, in our Year of the Rural Worker.
Several high quality nominations were received and informal interviews will begin over the course of the next week as the organisation recognises the work of a young person whose management, skills and passion bring benefits to his/her industry, to Scotland's countryside and wildlife.
The SGA is delighted to announce that Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod will present the award at The Scottish Game Fair on Friday 3rd July 2015.
Following the publication of the Summer edition of Scottish Gamekeeper, we are now also inviting nominations for the inaugural SGA Ronnie Rose Award which will honour an individual who has dedicated years of service to conservation through responsible management.
Please email info@scottishgamekeepers.co.uk before July 17th 2015 to make your nomination or write to us at our address on the website.

*These two awards form key planks of our 2015 SGA 'Year of the Rural Worker' programme which considers the many public benefits offered by the rural workforce in Scotland, often through volunteering, community work, helping vital rural services and, generally, going over and above the role they are paid for. People are Scotland's strength. Without the 'unseen' contributions of these individuals, our remote areas would host less cohesive and viable communities.

Wednesday 17 June 2015


Representatives from The SGA Fishing Group met with Scottish Government today in Perth to discuss the second stage of the Wild Fisheries Reform process, with consultation responses due in by August 7th, 2015.
The timeline towards the passing of a new bill was discussed as were key questions in the latest consultation, which aims to set out guiding principles for the new bill.
Carcass tagging and its policing, funding levy mechanisms for a new national body - as well as local groups - and potential economic impacts of reforms for river workers and downstream industries were discussed at length in what was a constructive and helpful meeting.
CPD for river workers, reform timescales and how to get youngsters and newcomers involved in rod angling were all topics on a wide-ranging agenda.
The SGA Fishing Group will now endeavour, deadline permitting, to organise a meeting in Perth to iron out details of the consultation response before a final copy is presented to Scottish Government.
The group is also encouraging all individual members to sign up for regular news bulletins, which will provide key information as the reform process moves forward.
Email WildFisheriesReform@scotland.gsi.gov.uk and ask to be placed on the mailing list for all future dispatches.

Tuesday 16 June 2015


The SGA Fishing Group would like to inform all members and those with an interest in wild fish in Scotland that Scottish Government is to host drop-in events across Scotland where interested parties and the general public can discuss issues raised in the recent consultation on Wild Fisheries reform.
The SGA Fishing Group is part of the stakeholder group and has attended two meetings on the reform so far. However, we think it would be very useful for those with questions they want to ask, to attend the sessions with Scottish Government officials as we move towards the bill’s first stages.
The first two events have been announced as:

22 June: Jury’s Inn Hotel, Aberdeen. 11am – 3pm. 
29 June: Ben Nevis Hotel, Fort William. 11am – 3pm. 

There will be further dates announced in due course. Keep up to date with these, and other reform issues, on: 

UPDATE: The full drop-in programme, with dates and venues has now been finalised. See here: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Salmon-Trout-Coarse/fishreform/events