Wednesday 31 March 2021


The misleading Scottish Green Party election flyer

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is to write to the Electoral Commission about Green Party campaign literature they say promotes misleading information about grouse moors.

The Greens have been posting leaflets for May’s Scottish Parliament elections telling potential voters they will campaign to phase out grouse shooting in Scotland.

Grouse shooting supports 2500 full time Scottish Jobs, creating more per hectare employment than forestry and woodland schemes which also require more public subsidy (1).

However, in a flyer, Maggie Chapman, who is running for the Greens in the North East region is quoted as saying that grouse moor owners averagely pay less than the minimum wage.

She is also quoted as saying that grouse moors cover up to a fifth of Scotland.

Gamekeepers point towards research into grouse moor socioeconomics by SRUC and James Hutton Institute, which was commissioned by Scottish Government and dismisses the claims. 

The reports, published in 2018 and 2020, state that grouse moors cover, as a maximum, up to one tenth of Scotland’s uplands, with authors acknowledging this is likely to be less.

Gamekeepers’ wages vary across full-time and part-time employment, with full-time positions often providing a home and vehicle as part of employee benefits.

The majority of gamekeepers are also providing unsubsidised deer and predator management as part of their roles on grouse moors.

“The Green Party have the right to campaign on whatever platform they choose. However, if they are going to propose measures which will put 2500 skilled workers and their families on the dole, they shouldn’t be trying to dupe voters on the basis of inaccurate information,” said Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman, Alex Hogg.

“The Scottish Government’s report into grouse moor economics was paid for by the Scottish tax payers. It seems the Greens have selectively chosen to ignore it.

“If voters are to be able to make informed choices and for confidence in the Parliament to be maintained, surely politicians have at least some duty to present a semblance of fact.

“This is especially true if what they are proposing is the destruction of peoples’ livelihoods and a way of life which is part of the country’s cultural heritage.”

The Green Party leaflet is critical of grouse moor owners for supporting less than 3000 Scottish jobs.

However, the 2020 research, commissioned by Scottish Government, demonstrated that driven grouse moors provided more jobs, per hectare, than all the other moorland land uses which the authors studied.

The Electoral Commission was critical of political parties in its review of the 2019 General Election urging candidates to take greater responsibility for how their campaigns impacted public trust.


A visual summary of what the Scottish Government commissioned report said about grouse moor socio-economics.

Thursday 25 March 2021

TROUBLE AHEAD: Viewpoint article following the Deer Working Group report

Trouble Ahead by Victor Clements.

Copyright: Andy Udall.


The Scottish Government have just published their reply to the Deer Working Group (DWG) Report, then promptly closed down parliament and left how to deal with it to their successors. There can be no discussion or scrutiny at this stage while they go off to try and get elected again. 

The DWG report had 99 recommendations. For the record, I agreed with 86 of them, seeing the opportunity to clear up ambiguous areas of the existing legislation, and to deal with a range of matters that seem sensible and practical. There are certainly some good parts to the report, and we should acknowledge this. 

The remaining recommendations seemed to me to be unnecessary and inflammatory to an industry that has been progressing well in recent years. 

The Scottish Government have however decided that they approve of these measures as well. As a deer advisor and a native woodland enthusiast from long before this has become fashionable, the proposals have left me deflated, and now angry. 

I don’t often get angry. 

From being in a strong position in 2019, we have to fight all these battles again. Government have the ear of those who can shout the loudest. The evidence seems to matter less. This goes to the core of what the #RWP21 Rural Workers Protest was and is about.
Stalkers will look immediately to the proposal to remove the stag season and I have something to say about that, but we need to look at the back of the report first, and work forward from there if we are to appreciate fully the full extent of what is going on. The stag season is only part of it. 

A Planned Cull Approval System 

At the moment, you set your own cull targets. If your deer group is working well, you analyse all the information available to you, decide what your cull should be, and allocate this to each property. Nature Scot (formerly SNH) will be party to your deliberations, and contribute to this process. They can intervene if you are not doing things well. It is a voluntary approach, but it can be made to work. This is why we have been doing population models and suchlike in recent years, planning ahead using the information available. 

There is a proposal now that Nature Scot approve your planned cull. Some will try to tell you that this is no big deal and no doubt it will be presented as something fairly benign, but if this is to be robust and gain the backing of the conservation charities, then they will want their say, and want to be consulted. 

A flexible and proportionate voluntary approach will inevitably have to become stringent enough to withstand challenge, both from external parties and from property owners. The convoluted paper trails so beloved of government agencies will then apply to us, too. There will have to be penalties that can be levied for non- compliance. You will not be setting your cull levels. Nature Scot will be doing this for you on behalf of the government. Bear in mind that there is already provision for fines of up to £40,000 for not abiding by the requirements of a deer management plan, and you get an idea of the kind of pressure that could be brought to bear. 

Alternatively, you could be licensed to shoot so many deer, and if you cannot do this, then the license could be transferred to some-one else. These options are speculation on my part, but “A Planned Cull Approval System” is most certainly statutory deer management, and to be legally compliant, would need to apply to not just the 2000- odd estates within the main deer range, but the other 50,000 land holdings in Scotland as well. 

It would be a massive bureaucracy that would tie both government and every one of us up in red tape. They cannot make a new law just for the people they don’t like, it has to be for everyone. Any government who tried to bring in such a regime would simply not understand the people or culture of the country they claimed to represent, but this is what they say they are going to try to do. Imagine some-one else shooting deer on your ground because you are deemed not suitable for doing so. 

This is the big one, tucked away at the back of the report where few will see it. Everything else is a point of detail in comparison. This is the direction of travel that everyone must now be aware of. 

A National Cull Database

This is something I find quite insidious, and I think stalkers need to be aware of this. We are part of an industry that involves killing animals. 

At the moment, your deer culls are only made known to other deer group members and Nature Scot. In theory, the public can access these through FOI, but this hardly ever happens. We now have a proposal that your culls are publicly available online. If you think for a moment about some of the abuse and intimidation that many keepers have to suffer from animal rights activists and suchlike, the government are now going to start telling them just what you are shooting each year. Can you see what can go wrong here? 

We have heard a lot recently about “jigsaw identification”. This proposal would, I think, allow a malevolent individual to take information from this database, your online deer plan and other sources, and work out exactly who you are and what you do in the course of your everyday work. The only people worse than those who want all the deer shot are the ones that don’t want anything shot. We must not be naïve about the implications of this. Deer cull data is only meaningful to members of your deer group and Nature Scot. No-one else needs to know this level of detail, merely that you are working to a plan that is considered to be fit for purpose. 

This can only go wrong, but it will backfire on the conservation NGOs as well, who will then have to declare to their members what deer they are killing. We already know that RSPB are sensitive to the point of paralysis about culling goats, and that the Scottish Wildlife Trust have to tiptoe around their members over what deer they kill, to the point of not doing any management at all on almost all their reserves. This is a very bad idea for everyone. 

Deer densities capped at 10 deer per sq km 

Although the average deer density in the Highlands is less than this, and most north and west Highland areas will have little to worry about, there are much more fertile areas of the eastern and southern Highlands where the ground can support greater densities than this with little consequence, especially if shelter is available and there are few sheep present. 

The Scottish Government are now suggesting that you cannot have more than 10 deer per sq km, in any circumstances. It doesn’t seem to matter what your habitat monitoring says. Densities over this will, at best, be viewed with suspicion. At worst, they will trigger intervention. There then is the question of what scale this is applied at. Some small properties can often gather up high densities in winter, with 30-40 deer per sq km not unusual on small fertile areas for a temporary period. Any group of more than 10 deer standing together will give you a density that is higher than that allowed in that particular square kilometre. It would be like the very worst deer equivalent of the COVID rules for people meeting together. It will certainly be used to target wintering grounds, no matter how few deer there might be elsewhere. Think this one through and what it might mean for you. 

No More Deer Group Assessments 

I should declare an interest in this, having done so many, and some people might be happy to see these go, but the deer group assessments have driven progress over recent years, encouraged people to articulate what they are doing, and have been in many ways the best defence deer managers have had against outside criticism. 

They have provided robust evidence of progress across the country, strengthened the current voluntary approach and allowed Nature Scot the sort of information they need to have more oversight of what is going on. 

Scottish Government now say they want to stop these, but that will undermine progress, and allow them to make the case for why they need a statutory approach. In my opinion, the assessments negate the need for a statutory approach, and those familiar with them know the type of changes that can be made to save time and expense and make them more effective. The assessment process is a much better way of doing things than anything mentioned in the DWG report, whose authors seem to be completely unaware of the benefits of it and how it worked in practice. It brings structure and oversight to the mechanisms already in place, and everyone has bought in to it. 

You can’t say that about what is coming forwards now. 

Beyond this, the DWG report is very lukewarm on the whole collaborative approach and deer groups in general. It implies that deer groups have become too effective, and that this is now a problem. They prefer divide and rule, and government seem to have bought in to this. They cannot have a situation where deer groups have higher capacity than Nature Scot. Government cannot have that, so a process that works must be dismantled to preserve the narrative of others who prefer to belittle us. They are more comfortable with that. We are being penalised for the progress we have been making, by people who do not want to acknowledge that, not really. 

Copyright: Victor Clements

No closed season for stags 

This will be the headline proposal for most stalkers. I won’t rehearse the arguments here, but I will add some thoughts on the implications of this.

If there is no closed season, it is open season all year round. You may well choose not to shoot your stags during this period, but others around the periphery of the deer range will quickly work out that instead of getting £50 from the game dealer for the venison, that they can put a paying guest in accommodation and get £5- 800 for the same animal, at any time of year. 

Others may extend their stag season well in to November to get some extra weeks. The law of unintended consequences would dictate that deer numbers could well go up if stags became more in demand, and people left more hinds to try and produce these. 

Removing the closed season gives us a sporting value all year round. A new and very perverse dynamic could be created that drives even more conflict than we have now. 

There is no need to remove the close season for stags. If you have enclosed farmland or forestry, you can already shoot all year round under General Authorization. You can get a specific authorization for unenclosed ground, but only if you make the case for it through a management plan and liaison with your neighbours. This gives Nature Scot some leverage and forces people to co-operate. 

Removing the closed season only makes sense if your objective is to allow everyone to do exactly as they please with stags and you want to destroy a collaborative system. The proposal is unnecessary, and it will not end well. This is another recommendation designed to undermine our current structures. It is not one that will improve the environment. 


There is a proposal that the Out of Season (OOS) Section 5 (6) Authorization should now apply to ANY land, whether there is a specific reason or not. So, extended seasons can be used on unenclosed ground without a specific reason. Combine this with the proposal to use night sights, and you can see how easily you could remove a lot of deer very quickly. Admittedly, this is the end being sought. 

There is also a proposal to extend the use of the Section 18 (2) night shooting authorizations to not just owners but occupiers as well. Imagine you are out lamping foxes and you meet your tenant farmer out shooting deer at the same time. What could go wrong? Safety could well be compromised. 

On the flip side, EVERYONE shooting deer will have to be Fit & Competent. I wonder what the crofters and farmers shooting a single beast will think of that? Perhaps an exception will be made, as has happened in the past, but farmers and crofters need to be aware of all this as well. 

What was not approved?

With all the above, you wonder where the checks and balances might be. To their credit, the DWG did suggest that there should be a mechanism whereby deer culling on a property could be constrained in certain circumstances if this was in the public interest. For example, if high deer culls could not be justified on environmental grounds, and threatened local livelihoods. This is one of very few DWG recommendations that the Scottish Government did not support. So, checks and balances do not figure in all this new thinking. This is what we are facing after the election is done. 

For someone who is quite partial to the odd deer argument, I should be looking forward to all this, but it would be better for everyone if we had some level of stability to grow and improve in a more measured and sustainable way. 

These provisions are unnecessary. We will spend the next few years arguing when we should be building our capacity. Why should anyone invest in training, equipment or habitat monitoring if this is the chaos ahead? Why would you update a deer plan when you don’t know what to plan for? This is the trouble ahead, and this is the conscious choice that has been made. 

Does it make you angry, too?

We have already shown that there is a better way. The alternative already exists, and has been evidenced to work. 

Victor Clements is a native woodland advisor working in Highland Perthshire. He is secretary to the Breadalbane DMG and has worked extensively on deer management plans throughout Scotland over the past ten years, and on native woodland schemes for long before that.

Wednesday 24 March 2021


Caption at the foot of this statement.

This morning, Scottish Government issued its response to the Deer Working Group report. You can read it, in full, here:

Please see the SGA response, below.

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, said: “Tax payer forestry and woodland schemes are installing Scotland’s next wealthy landlords. The direction is clear; iconic deer stand in the way. Wildlife and Green groups will be rejoicing.

“We need input on male and female deer seasons to ensure respect remains for the species and the deer managers doing the culling. Their mental welfare wasn’t considered by this report.

“Sanctioning night scopes for culls will be endorsing something illegal across much of Europe. 

“Asking deer managers to cut large moving calves from the stomachs of pregnant hinds into mid-April must be off the table if Scottish Government wants to avoid public distaste.”

Film: "Our fears for the mental health of Scotland's deer managers- if Scottish Govt changes the deer seasons." 

Image caption: March 2002, deer carcasses dumped from a lorry onto a car park after lying on a hill for 36 hours.  Deer were culled, out-of-season, by Forestry Commission staff (public body) within the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

130 Carcasses were collected from the hill by helicopter before being dumped in the car park and later sold. 

Tuesday 23 March 2021


Steps will have to be taken to protect the mental health of Scotland’s deer managers if Scottish Government doubles the length of the female cull season.

Red deer hind in Caledonian pine forest, credit: Michael Callan.

That’s the view of The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) who represent professional deer managers.

A Deer Working Group report, commissioned by Government, recommended a major overhaul to the female deer seasons, which normally run from 21st October to 15th February.

These seasons were put in place in Scotland to protect the welfare of females giving birth to calves and the welfare of dependent infants.

Should Scottish Government sanction the new season recommendation, which will mean a cull start date of 1st September to a latest point of 15th April, it effectively doubles the season.

This will mean greater chance of dependent calves starving to death if their mothers are shot in September and the deer manager can not also dispatch the calf.

Furthermore, it will mean deer managers will have to cut large calves from the stomachs of heavily pregnant mothers, potentially into mid April.

That, Scotland’s gamekeepers say, could leave mental scars on deer managers unaccustomed to this style of management.

They have produced a film (below) to show the public the size of a deer foetus, which was cut from the stomach of a female deer which had to be humanely dispatched following a road accident in March.

Should the season change be brought forward, they say, it will open skilled deer managers up to abuse, reducing their status as wildlife managers.

Scotland, a nation of animal lovers, will also see the dignity stripped from a species regarded as iconic.

“Anyone who loves animals would not love this,” said SGA Chairman Alex Hogg.

‘We fought hard for deer seasons so some dignity and respect could be preserved.

“If the Deer Working Group recommendations are adopted, extending the seasons by over 15 weeks, Scotland is basically endorsing slaughter in the open air. 

“I have managed deer for over four decades. I don’t know anyone who has had to cut a large foetus out of a mother and enjoyed doing so. This will become the norm in public forests, paid for by the Scottish tax payer.

“Some people will do it just because they need to pay the bills and to follow orders. They should not be placed in this position, but we fear for the mental wellbeing of deer managers if Scottish Government decides to adopt this. Officials need to consider these implications. The politicians need to ask if they would be happy to carry this action out, themselves, on the ground.”

The SGA has written to Environment Ministers on several occasions expressing disappointment at lack of professional deer manager representation on working groups and reports.

Its Vice Chairman Peter Fraser says this proposal would not have come forward, if practitioners had more say.

“An experienced deer manager would have questioned this immediately because they would probably have had to do it, at some stage.

“If a farmer turned up at an abattoir with a late pregnant cow in Scotland, it could only be killed for disease control or welfare purposes. 

“Deer managers will be asked to cull deer into mid-April when the mum is heavily pregnant. 

“They will then have to remove the calf, which will be moving. There will definitely be deer managers who just simply won’t do this.”


Link to YouTube film: 'Our fears for the mental health of Scotland's deer managers'.

Thursday 18 March 2021

#RWP21 - The 5 ASKS

On behalf of all those who are standing up, on river and land, for a new politics for rural workers in Scotland, here are the 5 initial asks of Scottish Government. Thanks to you all from The Scottish Gamekeepers Association and Scotland's regional moorland groups. Unite on Land and River.

#RWP21- The 5 Asks

  • That Scottish Government backs the establishment of a cross-party group to hear rural workers’ concerns, first-hand.

  • That Scottish Government affords equal weight in law making to local and indigenous knowledge, respecting its own (missed) Target in Point 18 of the Challenge for Scotland’s Biodiversity.

  • That Scottish Government commits to a robust and open auditing of publicly-funded conservation projects, ensuring measurable returns for tax payers. If targets are not met- the cash returns to Scottish people.

  • That Scottish Government commits to a review of Access so that the positive freedoms are matched with similar responsibilities. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code should become part of the school curriculum.

  • That Scottish Government addresses the clear findings of 2 Parliamentary inquiries into salmon farming and delivers a public timeline for actions.

Sunday 14 March 2021


The Scottish Gamekeepers Association was named today in a Sunday Times article (pictured) regarding Chris Packham.

For avoidance of doubt, the full statement given to the newspaper was as follows: 

A Spokesperson for The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said: “We understand that Chris Packham is a television celebrity. We understand he is contracted by the BBC to provide content on wildlife programmes.
“We understand and respect , therefore, that he would want to provide his view.
“We believe we undertook our duty to our members who felt that handwriting similarities that they alleged to have seen, ought to be investigated further. 
“We did so, by taking external expert advice. We offered no comment on that advice. The Police have now decided not to pursue this. That is their calculation.
"We are satisfied that the 2 reports we commissioned were worthy of Police investigation, which is why they were given over. We know what the conclusions of these reports are and we will retain these for our members. We are 100% satisfied that the course of action we took, on behalf of our members, was the correct one. In similar circumstances, we would take exactly the same course of action again.”

*The reports commissioned were done so on behalf of the members which the SGA represents; members who asked that their organisation do so. They were not anything to do with a calculated plot, which commentators have suggested.
The reports were undertaken by professionals with long standing in providing handwriting analysis for court and other purposes.
The reports' conclusions of 'very strong evidence' and 'moderate' evidence were presented to Police, as per our members wishes. The Police have made a decision not to pursue the matter and our legal advisers will make inquiries regarding that decision. We know what these reports concluded and we retain them for our members.
If there are further updates on this matter, the SGA will make its members aware of them.

Tuesday 9 March 2021


Add your name 2 grow the Rural Workers' Protest

This is the final list of those who added their names and the #RWP21 hashtag to the 'Grow the Protest' statement and the Protest's 5 key ASKS of Scottish Government, here:

Thank you to all who participated and united on land and river.

Why the Protest?

Rural workers of land and river need a new politics.

A politics that works for them.

This is not what they are getting.

Workers in traditional rural industries are the engine room of our countryside.

Increasingly, the political class in Edinburgh are detached from what they, and their families, need to continue to deliver for Scotland.

Laws are passed with insufficient engagement with rural workers. MSPs now very rarely visit the homes and workplaces of rural workers to see the issues they face, first hand. Letters and emails go unanswered. Power is centralised in Edinburgh.

Traditional ecological knowledge of rural workers, passed individual to individual, is poorly reflected in Bills and their interests have become marginal to perceived ‘popular’ appeal and activist appeasement.

The Parliament has been allowed to become fertile ground for suited lobbyists, animal rights groups and connected Environment NGOs with a capital address and access to public funding.

A policy vacuum exists within Scottish Government when it comes to what rural workers need. 

This has to change.

Rural policy is too often dictated by emotive campaigns and template e-activist polls misread as a proxy for ‘public interest’. These reflect the ideology of a group and the larger populations of the Central Belt, not sound policy for rural working people in scattered areas.

Once a party with an eye in the countryside, the Scottish Government’s blueprint for a working countryside has been influenced by heat and populism not vision or leadership.

Rural workers are suffering. 

In this Parliament, their interests have been subjugated for the political support of the Scottish Green Party representing less than 1% of the consistency vote.

Holyrood operates in a bubble when it comes to traditional rural workers of land and river. This is threatening jobs, families, community and the health of industries which remain major sources of employment, cohesion and economic stability.

Rural workers are delivering food security, habitat, waterway and wildlife management at landscape scale, tourism outputs and vital services needed in remote communities, often free of charge.

They deserve better.

#RWP21 Unite on Land and River

Signed:  #RWP21

The Committee of The Scottish Gamekeepers Association. 

Garry MacLennan            Jamie Goodall            Gerald Middleton

Simon Grace                    Liane Bagley              Andy Bell

James Rolfe                     Anthony Bamford      Calum Gillies

Andy Buchan                   Marc Scoular             Donald Yule

Brenda Mabon                 Phil Savage               Shirley Mudie

Jim Hood                         Louise Smith             Sean McGrath

Leif Brag                          Linda Mellor              Ken Campbell

Richard Macgregor         Callum Stewart          Ben Hallam

Alan Baddeley                 Natacha Flamand      Rhys Stewart

Suzie Crerar                    Andrew McLeod        Ciaran Woodman-Robinson

Colin Heath                     Owen Findlater          Alistair Myers

Mary Kirk                        Graham Masson        Graham Jack

Tilly-Rose Bushby          Lee Bain                     Niall Robertson

Ronnie Kippen               Matthew Littler           Alasdair Davidson

Julie Ballantyne             Geoff Pattinson          Mark Robson

Ross Dakers                  Robert Adams            Ian Carmichael

Adele Moir                    Jacqui McNiven          Charlotte Jamieson

Billy Spalding                Billie Mackay              Greg Borthwick

Michael McGrotty         Matthew Burden         Calum George

Jon O’Connor               Nicky Davies               William Brooks

Steven Holden-Plummer                                  Arthur Fernie

Kerry Macdougall         Tam Beattie                 Murdo Watson

Harold Napier               Simon Syd Morris       Katie Dickson

Alan Sword                   Una Mac Queen         Bert Burnett

Gerard Watts                Peter Sutherland        Niall Morrison

Paul Smith                    Shona Watson           Kyle Stewart

Billy Garrigan               Alan Cameron            Josh Dickman

Sean Gass                   Scott Troup                David Gray

Melissa MacFarlane    Mick Charlton             Abbie Brown

Craig Hepburn            Robert Brannan          Conor Macintosh

Ellen Wood                  Lea MacNally             Kirsty Morrison

Liam McKenzie           Arabella Adam           Craig Baird

Ronnie Johnson          Pam Forsyth              Kirsty Adamson

Nettie Goodfellow       Natasha George         Magnus O’Reilly

Debbie Farquharson   Paul Rae                     Hanna Higginbotham

Sue Timms                  Andy Illston                Rose Laidlaw

Fraser Finlay            Robin Leslie Melville      Andrew Thomson

Willie Taylor                Josh Burton                 Lauren McKenzie

Kevin Hepburn          Sarah Scobie               Jim Rennie

Pat Geddes               Steven Nairn                Matt Beaumont

Jonathan James       George Allan                 Peter Scott

Sandy Duguid              Donald Young               Russell Beaton

Stewart Mansell-Shelton                              Mary McCallum

Kenneth Stephen         Shiona Stewart            Alison Brough

Jamie McHale              Don McBean               Russell Hird

Craig Dickman             Southern Uplands Moorland Group

Joseph Birkett             Eilidh Dickman             Keith Hogg

Peter Cutting               Craig Gibb                   Declan Mullin

James Shepherd         Andrew Currie             Erin Bain

Wully Kirk                    Savio Genini                Josh Dixon

Duncan Olds               Iain Young                   David Dawson

Jake Barrack               Sophie Gault                Kyle McMillan

Alastair Hunter            Alice Bennet                 Donald Broad

Mo Anderson              Nicky Jack                    Rachael Holloway

Tony Whitaker             Michael Bennet            Brian Smith 

Helen Ferguson              Matthew Hunt               David Turner

Paul Wilkie                  Victor Clements            Alistair Stephen

Ben Taylor-Macpherson                             Dunc Sutherland

Drew Ainslie               Mark Ewart                   Corey Jack

Dylan McHale                George Watson            Jocelyn Anderson

Ryan Stewart             John Grierson               Isabel Murray

Andy Smith                Helen Kotlewski            Robert White

Pam Forsyth              Paul Lyon                      Kerry Anne Sutherland

Tom Knight                Josh McGovern            Melanie Newton

Claire Kerr                 Natacha Flamand         Rhys Stewart

Drew Peacock          Murray Ross                 Alan Taylor

Sheila Taylor             Graham Mabon            Connor Gray

Abbie Brown             Leslie Munro                Scott Nicoll

Gordon Smith           Rod Smith                    Ewan Longmuir

Alastair Johnstone                                   Gareth Jones

Alice Bennet             Robert Hogarth            Nicky Davies

Daniel Wynne           Isabel Mullin                 Bob Connelly

Peter Wright             Daniel Scobie               Laura Jones

Megan Macmorland                                 Peter Keyser

Jason Gray               Matthew Ball                Lee Walker

Ffyona Fergusson                                    Michelle Brown

Douglas Torrance      Jamie Smith                Kirsty Hogg

Sue Gibbs                 Keith Macleod              Jess Fergusson

Ruaridh Fergusson                                   Grant Fergusson

Lianne MacLennan                                   Alexander May

Craig Brown             Morgan Chalmers        Debbie Milne

Carey Sinclair           Charles Barron             Callum Thomson

Duncan Connon       Neil Kirkland                 Alistair Redpath

Hannes McNeill        Judith Hogg                 Rod Entwistle

William Syme           Garry Haggart              Keith Coulton

Mark Shone             Karon Owen                 Mark McGillivray

Brian Goodall          Jake McWatt                Andrew Lyle

Kevin Begg             Margaret Low               Gordon Kippen

Calum Cruickshanks                                Lynn McIntyre

Calum Kippen         Ross Kirton                  Scott McIntyre

Kate Cowe              Alistair Loder               Theresa Dinsdale

Chris Roberts         Alex Smith                   John Rush

Gary Hall                David Copeland           Edward Jaundrell

Jonathan. M. Bone                                 Katie Hughes

Clive Clements       Matthew Sheldon        Mormondbrae Sporting

Angus Kirk              William Alisdair Clark  Scott Miller

Gary Stewart          Tom Sample                Aidan Goward

Jordan Greig          Gary Coutts Stewart   Gary Boyd

James Low                James Esslemont        James Paton

Sebastion Stewart      Fraser Boyd            Jordana Grater

George Wakefield      Natasha Wakefield   Natalie Jane Ash Darling

Aidan Goward            Rob Haines                   Lia Stewart

Ryan Martin           Aiden Edmeades          Gordon Halliday

Iain Thornber         Paul Wilson                   Bill Cowie

Will Curr                 Nicola Hannan              Adrian Jackson

James Clark           Ed Glass                       Derek Norman

Colin Espie             Annie Espie                  James Espie

David Leith             Shirley Hutchon           John Murdock

James Harrod         Iain Macaskill               Alison Horne

Alex Hogg              Steven Hague               Brian Burrows

Carol Anderson      Iain Semple                  Iain Hepburn

Peter Fraser           Charlotte Boa              Alex Plommer

Ashley Lamond      James Blennie             Robert Philip

Carole Harmson      Elizabeth Kerr             Jamie Linton

Magnus Mackay      David Adamson         Tiegan Johnstone

Ryan Johnstone      David Johnstone        Julie Reed

Ellie White               Bethany White            David Campbell

Anna Campbell       Ben Stevens               Pete Nichol

Janet Nichol           Rachel Entwistle         Stephen Potter

Shona McBean       Graeme Dunlop          Colin Marshall

Martin Perryman          Stuart Bruce              Craig Ross

Billy Murdoch           Eric Neil                    Colin Mitchell

David Angus          Jason Kirk                   Cammy Macfarlane

Robert Betts         Yvonne Kennedy          Lucy Polden

Doug Smith          Glyn Tams                    Ross MacLean

Elizabeth MacLean                               Lauren Kippen

Sarah Newport      Robert Sawyer            Kim Sawyer

Sue Stewart          Megan Sawyer             Lexi Sawyer

Darran Bugden      Peter Taf Dawkins      Claire Bellamy

Thomasina Smoor                                Shiela Glendinning

Sheila Fraser         Kenneth Stott             Elaine Hepburn

Ab Taylor               Heather Taylor            Donna Macrae

Moray McHattie     Tweed Valley Rat Pack Calum Thom

Duncan Maclauchlan        Andy Taylor        Allan Stoddart

Brian Watt             Ryan Hoggan              Brian Goodall

Gregor Leighton      Angela Harrod          Jake Taylor

Alan Flynn             Daniel Logie               Stu Marshall

Scott Baillie          Richard Fraser            Nathan Anderson

James Wotherspoon                            Kevin Armstrong

Sophie Clark         Calum Martin              Eoin Urquhart

James Edgar         Sophie Banks             Nicholas Sherlock

Alice Michie           Owen Reid                 Lauren Miller

Jane Macwilliam     Jane Humphreys      Ailith Stewart

Steven Miller           Dawn Cheyne-Miller  Laura Meilandt Jessen

Clare Humphreys      Lloyd Humphreys    Torben Meilandt Jessen

Emma MacRae-Haggerty                      Ashley Mabon

Shawn Brown        Iain Shreeve                Steve Brown

Jane Humphreys      Gaynor Boath           Mark Taylor

Iain Shreeve           Stuart Robertson        Ruth Kerr

John Banks            David Betts                John Patient

Alan Crossley        John Galloway            Linda Galloway

Rosalind Galloway                                John WY Galloway

Kay Galloway        Isabella McIntosh       Gary Harkin

Gillian Christie       Andrew Bendall          Aimee Betts

Brian Lyall             Calum Miller                Rupert Abel

Susan Buglass       Marc Willis                 Andrew Sutherland

Dave Winn             Sean Dornan             Greig Whyte

Tam Cullen           Raymond Harrow        Mike Smith

Timothy Baird       Sheila McGrady         Stephen March 

Carol March          Hailee Williams          Councillor Mark Rowley

Sophie Bowen      Graeme Rose             Rudi Coxhead

Anthony Halpin                                    Neil Andrew Coutts Irvine

Patricia King         Peter Allen                 Julie Allen

Alexander Gordon                              Andrew Sutherland

Susan Cunningham                            Andrew McRoberts

Eric Arnot                 John Lynch                Sandy Morrison

Graeme Gordon      Nicola Hannen       Geoff Townsend

Marc Dradge          David Stewart            Kevin Gray

Kenny Boag           Tom Clarke               Alex Graham

Garry Main               Murray Morland         Gordon Cantlie

Alasdair Bennet         Charlie Anderson     Joanne Ridehalgh

Maj Sjoblom             Michael Smith            Peter Maver

Jo Maver                Ryan Ridehalgh          Jim Smart

Ken Fraser                Gail Tunnah               Shannon Rennie

Tony Heron            Lachlan MacDonald      Lucy Fernie

Stacey Sloggie         Emmie Cowie           Anna Cowie

Ian Gray                 Andrew Leach            Ivan Nicol

Cecil Duguid           Mia Blackhall             Alfie Bratton

Lewis Falconer      Ian Donaldson          Kenny MacIver

Sue Smith              Tony Smith               Jock MacDougall

Craig Clement         Gillian Marshall         Peter Green

Pete Boulton            John Tough              William Michael Seivwright

Lorne Macnicol        Colette Ann Strachan   Joanne Elrod

Iain Maclaren           Marion Rodgers       Laura Olds

Aaron Haggart          Ian Carnegie           Mike Young

Donald Brown            Philip Ross              Ronnie Kennedy

Kimberley Goodall     Gareth Johnston   Peter Brotherhood

Alison Faith Alston      Luke Pitts           Samantha Williams

Karen Grant            Peter Henderson        Morag Whyte

Alistair Mackie          Gary Ross               Charlie Blance

Marjorie Roadnight   Bruce Masson     John Murray

Janet Walkington      Garry Watson        Fraser Whitefield

Rachel Harris           Peter Butowski        Kevin Saunderson

Kevin O’Brien        Cameron Laidlaw       Aaaron McGregor

Alexander Matheson     Mitchell Smith      Linda Thomas

Billy Davidson           Alison Hewitt           Gary Laing

Garry Lee                Arthur Richardson        Mark Wootton

Kayleigh Mitchell     Douglas Gillan        Stuart Malcolmson

Ewan Mowatt         Anthony Herd           Gary Keep

Graham Moffat       Marion Dykes          Archie Dykes

Alan Munro              David Milne           Fiona Mclaren

Chic Hood                Ben Keevil            Olly Hopkinson

Donald Williamson     Fraser Morris      Stewart Walker

Ellen Smith               Gavin Smith          James Smith

Rachael Norbury     Kirk Norbury          Lindsay Drummond

John-Alex Boyd      Steven Charles Rogers      Sonya Hastie

Elaine Kennedy-Moffat     Joanne Elliot       Thomas Steuart Fothringham

Jamie Field          Andrew Lightbody         Emily Correlli

Chloe Muir            John Craig               Ewan MacGregor

Walter Mein           Adele Phillips            Finlay Thomson

Sean Rennie         Joe Baker                 Ben Blake

Ben Outterside      Ross Veitch             Luke Gordon

Noreen Grant       Christone Watson       Stanley Lawson

Heather Rennie        Jill Grant               Ian Gordon

Phil Whiting           Greig Thomson       Jamie Strachan

Lindi Binnie            Stuart Clark             Norman Murray

Neill Sproull           Ian Davidson           Teresa Betts

Daniel Smith           Russell Mein           Graeme Paterson

David Parker      Alison Helen Stewart Paterson     Gavin Barnett

George Duff          David Godfrey           Tam Cullen

Mandy Dunn       Emily Macdonald         Stuart Wright

James Trotman      Charlie Shentall       Reannan Schooling

Ian Johnston           Ally Williamson       Hamish Macdonald

Eoin Macdonald      David Rankin          Claire Bell 

Callum Sinclair      Geordie Atkinson      Paul Smith

Ryan Goodall         Jamie Arthur            Ashlee Smith   

Neil Dickson            Nichola Baird         Joanna Mccormack Fraser

Willy Darragh         John Stappard          Lee Mcgibbon

Andy Macdonald     Gus Greenlees         Mark Dawes

Heather Dickson        Steven Hope         Buzz Hope

Lisa Hope                 Iain Stewart           Hugh Mackay

Harry Lee                   Ann Lee                Sarah Wood

Lee Conway          Stuart McCallum         John Ross

Barrie Neish            Susan Duncan           Gerry Rattray

Megan Cowe             Alex Cowe             Peter Ferguson

Barry Wood             David Renton            Lynn Kirk

Simon Hall                Tara Barrie              Guy Wellings

Joseph McGowan    Stuart Crosbie         Richard Wright

Adrian Weber            Laura Guthrie            David Buley

Connor Campbell        Lindsay Bell          Andrew Scott

David Walker-Smith   Allan MacDiarmid     Jamie McBey

Donald Gillies                Iain Law                Blair Banks

Robert Yule                  Mo Baillie             Steven Morrison

Audrey Dykes           Graham Nichols      Calum McRoberts

Neil Tong                    Andy Menmuir         Carrie Ferguson

Calum Grant              Garry Mcerlain           Sean Mcgarry

Jane Humphreys        Tim Humphreys        James Cannon

Arlene Pitcaithly           Steven Hogg             John Ferriday

Bob Smith                    Keith Cromar             Joe Sinclair

Stuart Paton                Ashley Mabon          Christie McInnes

Colin Lowson               Fraser Inglis              Graham Fyfe

Victoria Freer            Stewart Davidson        Michael Thain  

Martin Robson          Debbie Bugden             Iain Lamont

Murdo Crosbie           Keith Cromar             Kenny MacIver

Gavin Brown              Nathan Heggie            Danae Bell

John Reid                   Martin Ritchie          Graham Christie

Ryan Grant                Rikki Johnston          Kenny Burns

Daniel Walker             Rhianna Gilmour        Ian McCann

Martin Gunn                Laura Chisholm       Michael Vernon

Rob Mearns           Gordon Macdermid      Malcolm Campbell

Cameron Chapman    George Thomson       Sean Dillon

Jack Henderson           Huw Lavin                Jimmy Blackley   

Sally Bushby            Louise Willmore Lavin    Bobby Sanderson

Greg Latham                 Kristian Lilley             Mark Scargill

Bob Chaffer               Blair Cockburn            Alistair Kinghorn

Martin Smith               Stacy Tinney              Graham Ormerod

Alex Jenkins                  Keith Hogg       Maricela Hayward Plommer

Jeffrey Cartwright         Iain Deakin                Bruce Darling

Scott Auger            Andrew Lotfhouse          Cameron Maclean

Amanda Stand            Mark Green                   Dan Brown

Ewen Kennedy           Alyson Brand                Angela Dodd

Tony Black                    Frank Loch               Jamie Sawyer 

Tony Smith                   Robert Kellie               Donald Gilmour

Steven Miller              Olivia Cammack             Lisa Illston

Olivia Cammack            Billy Flynn                 Shawn Brown

Zoe George                Jim Mccolm               Nick Greenarrow

Gordon Wilson          Zoey McClellan           Kirsten Mackintosh

Annie McClellan         Kenneth Low                  Craig Rigby

Dan Ewart                    Kate Mould                 James Wright

Mark Kerr                     Gary Mills                    Darren Milne

Dougie Langlands      Lee Paterson               Mike Roberts

Owen Morris            Ashleigh Stewart             Gail Greig

Heidi Stuart                 Rob Hankey                 Peter Milburn

Mikey Allan                Debbie Mould                Antony James

Roz Taylor Butters      Mike Holman               Charlotte Webb

Mackenzie Jackson   Alan Macdonald         Jacqueline Cameron

Rod Grant                    Lewis Taylor               Caroline Blackie

Ken Stott                     Paul Geddes              Jacqueline Davie

Bob Edgar                    Jane Edgar                Charlie Edgar

Michael Ross                Fiona Ross                 Stuart Davie

Mark Andrews            Calum Geddes           Keir Hail-Brown

Billy Mackay                  Ed Wright                 David Kennedy

Claire Bennet-Levy      Connor Smith             Steven Gray

Anne Hild                   Jim McLanaghan         Charlotte Smith

William Dey                  Steven Mitchell          Frances Roberts

Euan Darroch                   Munro Reid            Duncan Connon

Callum Thomson           Charles Barron

David Gill                         Doris Gill                 Ronald Finnie

Margaret Finnie           John Waters              Janet Waters

Donald McHardy           Sheena McHardy     Scott McHardy

Colin Fraser                      Pat Fraser               Bob Fyvie

Mary Fyvie                      Neil Beattie               Kay Beattie

Richard Thomas            Anne Thomas             Brian Jiles 

Kath Jiles                        Willie Meston            Avril Meston

David Walker                  Tracy Walker              Isla Walker

William Ewan                    Linda Ewan            David Geddes

John Jolly                            Fay Jolly               Ian Campbell

Isabell Campbell        Ian Johnstone Gordon   Ian Thomson

Elsie Thomson                   John Duff               Michael Anderson

Joan Anderson                  Lovat Fraser             Kath Fraser

George Mackie                 Norma Mackie         Grahame Thomson

Carol Thomson                 Jean Masson          Jim Downie

Valerie Downie                    Rachael Rigby                   Craig Rigby

Daryl Wight                          Steve Rogers                  Simon Glass

Sheryl Glass                        Allen Kerr                     Kevin Simpson

Annette Parrott                    Kate Goodway              Gary Moore

Ian Downie                         Richard Thomas           Robert Claase

Allan Murray                      Michelle Scott          Sylvia Seivwright

Sheila Eastwood           Scott MacKenzie           David Mills

Clair McPake                   Sam Jacobs              Laura Aitchison

Alexander Knox                Ally Kennedy               Lucy Lafferty

David Brown                   James Marshall          Kate Earnshaw

Glenn Brown                     Joe Hopkins             James Marshall

Elisabeth Leix                    Karen Bennie           Richard Paterson

Stewart Webb                       Jon Lee               Richard Binkhorst

Archie Stirling-Aird          Shirley Maclean          Alastair Forster

Carys Mackay                   Andy Burns              Jory Roseveare

Garry Tait                          Rachel Carrie           Grant Symmers

Austin Coxhead                   Lisa Reid              Sarah Anderson

Ewan Ross                          Alison Will              Edward Dryden  

Ian Duncan                     Lucy McKibbin           John McCready

Callum Farley                     Kenny Neil                   Gill Mills

Scott Anderson                 Kevin Wilson             Craig Paterson

Lindsay Willison             James McDonnell          Ian Mclaren

Fraser Lindsay                Carol Fergusson          James Fleming

Martin Edgar                  Emma Henshaw

Storm Curtis                   William Tippen

Jo Ellis                           Stephen McGregor        John Jenkins

Sandy Millar                George McNaughton          Tom Clark

Simon Crozier              Sandy MacPherson      Mo MacPherson

Dave Ross                        Jordan Nicol           Rhuaridh Campbell

Cherry Alexander             Rory Gibson              Olly Hitch Alston

Mike Luti                           Dave Smith               Paddy Davidson

Malcolm Wallace               Irene Smith            Margaret Cunningham

Hilary Polden                    Keith Barclay             Cameron Black

John Paterson                   David Arthur             Jonathan Carslaw

James Shepherd               Charles Smith           Richard Flannery

Finlay McCulloch             Melanie Cargill            Liam Lawson

Anthony Steel                   Alan Gowans              Dai Owens

Aaron Robertson              Mason MacLennan     Lachlan MacLennan

Jenny McCallum               Mark Ewart                 Alice Bugden

South Ayrshire Stalking     Peter Proud                Robert Millar

Melville McDonald              Tony Smith             Gemma Reddington

Sharon Grant                Michael Mcallister            Helen Cowe

Alan Troy                          Stephen Elliot                Lisa Gibson

Simon Smith                   Graeme Rankin               Sandy Pate

Ronnie Mcleod              James McKinstrie            Alison Foster

Bruce Mackie                Jamie McDonald           David Fergusson

Rae Cartney                    Alex Falconer                 Paul Barrett

Jordan Headspeath         Neil Brown               Dr Malcolm Gillespie

Sean Bamling               Heather Goward            Fiona Norbury

Zak Barrett                      Gordon Rattray           Norma Mcvarrie

Robert Mcvarrie              Chloe Bennet             Edward Chadfield

Charlotte Pryde-Firmin    Ade Warburton       Hans Hubert Gruntjens

Craig Barnett                   Angus Broad               Fiona Brown

Jennifer Cowe                  Ellen Bryson             John Richardson

Stewart Robertson       Kirsty Mackenzie          Anthony Gardner

Chris Western                  Jim Gilmour                 Flora Melville

Janie Jenkins                  Anne Sabido                 Julia Falconer

John Ritchie                 Rachel Boulton                David Harris

Gordon Mackenzie          Brian Troup               Mungo Mackenzie

Bill Toward                     Pauline Carter                Robert Grigor Carstairs  

John Macleod                Marnie Macleod              Lynn Mclaren     

Ernie Duff                       Peter Bradshaw              Euan Anderson

Mark Watson                  Chloe Mackay                 Jenny Cowan

Janice Cunningham       Simon Hamilton                 Jim Lowe

Molly Cartney                 Innes Anderson            Allan Robertson

Gordon Kerr                      Alan Tosh                   Murray Stewart

Nick Dalgety                    Saul Mackay                   Chris Reid

Kevin Cairnie                 Calum Kinstrey                Bethan Smith

Tony Coburn                    Jamie Beatt                   Peter Proud

Callum Entwistle              Karen Archer                 Rory Gafney

Michael Dunk                  Nick Nevison                  Anne Peart

Anne Dalton                    Sam Cropper                 Andy Rothrie

James Hammond         Danny Sneddon              Wayne Storey

Julie Wilson                     Chris Dalton               Annella Thomson

Simon Fouracre           Colin Chalmers               Marshall Cullen

Robert Latham             Donal Gallagher              Darren Midgely

Andrew Chadderton     Deeann Strachan            David Meldrum

Moira Meldrum               Jamie Steel                   Sally Marshall

Aimee McIntosh           Marie Jenkins                   Sara Beattie

Alistair Simpson     Hamish Cruickshank             Elissa Steven   

Rebecca Steen               Lydia Nibbs                   Hal Salvessen

Hannah Cruickshank     Simon Hinks                   Fiona Gillespie

Adam Snith               Richard Puttick         Dale Charlotte Maclachlan

Allan Linton               Andrew Temple                   Gavin Munro

Barbara Smith           Stephen George                 Sharon Green

Rob Henderson           Will Templer                     Garry Dickson

Robert Buchanan       Annette Parrot                   Sarah Mitchell

Chris Horsman            Jamie Geddes                   Brian Mutch

Helen Taylor                Mike Holliday                    David Scovell

Adrian Shaw                Jamie Adam                     Ewen Ballantyne 

David Bennett             Angus Hughes                Ruth MacDonald

Ashley Hinshelwood     Steven Walls                    Colin Shields

Jen Black                      Sophie Dey                    Roddy Jackson

Ian Mclaren                 Andrew D Adamson          Gillian McCann

William Wilson               Colin Cassie                     Colin Gough 

Tracy Stronach           Gordon Stronach             Jonathan Dymock

Paul Mayfield              Tabitha Chainey                 Marcus Leslie

Tracy Stanton              Dennis Andrew                  Stephen Flynn

David Gardner            Siobhan Forster                  Martin Bruce

Derek Pittendreigh         Laura Sinclair                  Donnie Black

James Fairlie                  Ben Phillips                      Colin Tutton

Jenny Cooper              Adam Boyde                   Fergus McGregor

Margaret Wilson           Brian Hosie                        Andy Watkins

Craig Scott                     David Bell

Argyll Engineers Ltd Oban                                         Zak Barrett

Rory Sinclair                  Laura Ross                   Rebecca Stewart

Nicholas Raby        Joanna Macpherson            Rogan Wheeldon

John Briggs                  Allie Watson                    Karen Redpath

Dale Cochrane          Angela Watkins                    Wallace Tippen

Alec McVean             Elaine Honnor                      Pauline Burrows

Eliane Schleifer         Justin Sharp                          Liam Sharp

Ryan Sharp            Denise Johnston                      David Robinson

Harry Bloomfield       Sandy Watson                       Davy Thomson

Fiona Thomson         Terry Roberts                        Shaun Irving

Bryan Burrows         Gordon Kippen                     David Campbell

Anthony Milne         Tracy Stronach                        Chris Black

Jim McLanaghan    Beth MacDonald                    Cheyenne Stronach

Alan MacDonald        Steven Fraser                       Guy Sinclair

Brian Smith             Jacqueline Cameron              Danny Lyon

Andrew Rettie          Iona Mcgregor                       Agnes Kippen

Jonathan Hampton   Andrew Hutchison              Gary Stevenson

John Devine                Miranda Patterson              Audrey Dykes

Lianne Bagley               Brian Mutch             Scott Ramage & Family

Zander Dey                     Paul Smith                   Meryl Asbury

Meri Black                        Linda Mellor             Duncan Cameron

Claire Bell & Family      Geneveive Pine            Gail McAlpine

Allan Linton           Nikolaj Grundtvig Binder     Annabel Blackett

Gary Wall                 Scott Anderson                   Mike McNally

Stewart Sloan              Anthony Dod                  Allan McDonnell

Graham Thomson     Alasdair Mcdonell             Colin McDonald

Cluff Schooling         Alice Strang Steel        Bronya Linzee Gordon

Mary Fyvie                 David Leggat         Chris Gauthier Weatogue, CT, USA

David Williams-Ellis    Robert Mason                 Henry Strutt

Paddy Dodd-Noble    Max Dodd-Noble             Sam Laidlaw

Nick Wentworth-Stanley     Freddie Wentworth-Stanley      Harry Wentworth-Stanley,

Louisa Wentworth-Stanley    Billy Best           Chris Kirkland

Ben Bloomfield              Rupert Scott             Armand Bamberger

Susie Lea                         Ollie Fox                Christophe Carralette

Ben Phillips                   Alex Wilmott-Sitwell           Simon Chisholm

Humphrey Butler          Charles Wake                 Julian Smith

Jeremy Alun-Jones       James Bathurst               Charlie Noell

Serena Williams-Ellis      Rick Hayward            Alexandra Hayward

Rosie Hayward                Bertie Hayward            Rupert Hayward

Marie-Louise Hayward    Giles Hayward              Saskia Hayward

Will Chelsom                  Francesca Chelsom           Robert Chelsom

Andy Firth                         Rodney Heath                  Sue Heath

AJ Heath                           Annabel Heath                Nico Heath

Millie Heath                      Simon Cameron              Emma Cameron

Johnny Payne                Catriona Payne                   Preston Rabl

Fergus McMullen               Sam Ruggles-Brise                Fiona Worrall

Louis Warrall                    Sasha Warrall                 Simon Rawlings

Toby Yorke                         Tim Siadatan                Johnny Wotherspoon

Ewan Wotherspoon         Laurie Wotherspoon        Hector Wotherspoon

Archie Wotherspoon         Alasdair Hilleary               Geordie Hilleary

Johnny Arkwright               Will Drake                          Guy Sangster

Fiona Sangster                 Ella-May Sangster                Max Sangster

Hubie Sangster               Alexa Beaty                     Jonathan Marland

Toby Dixon                         Amy Dixon                     Robert Goodfellow

Jim Woods                        Mark Fenwick                    Leo Fenwick

Angus Elphinstone            Chisholm Wallace            Harry Fitzalan-Howard

Menno Aukes                       Nick Stockman                    Julian Tompkins

Ben Tompkins                     Geordie Tompkins                    Toby Abbott

Robin Bowie                        Charles Graham                    Donnie MacLeod

Kirsty Fenton                            Kieran Glen                        Jinnie Grove

Lisa McEwan                            Lyndsey Tyner                     Karen Smith

Deryck Brown                            Anne Urquhart                    Iain Wilson

Margaret Ann Hunter                Sarah Ebbaston                Diane Brown

Alistair Brown                            Lauren Campbell            Catherine Sinnott

Sean Dick                                    Dave McLeod                Alicia Beveridge

Beca Anderson                                Aileen Kerr                Adrian Ross

Paula Shepherd                            Callum Brown                Kev Warden

Alistair Martin                            Lesley Moir                        Kenny Elliot

Debbie McLauchlan                Corrie James McKay        Ewan MacPherson

Gail McAlpine                            Eddie Rice                        Zak Shaw

Jane Rodgers                        Frank Westebbe                    Sallie Cordery

Laura Spacey                                Jake Muir                        Helen Fardley

Finlay Shand                            Gemma Latham                    Charlie Brown

David Traill                                    Rory Thomson                Andy Gudger

Graham Nairn                            Ryan Thomson                    Geordie Broad

Tracey Livingstone                        Neil Borthwick                    Thor Søndergaard

Conor Kelly                            Steven MacKenzie                    Ruth Porteous

Angus Holman-Baird                    Abbie Ramsay                   Frances Dingwall                        

Kerry Warden                            Billy Cruickshank                    Margie Sharp

Roger Sharp                                Christina Andersen                Michelle Gregory

James Morrison                            Richard Doran                    Cara Hutchens

Alex Kirk                                                Ann Barlow                Jane Muirhead

Tom Chetwynd                                Sarah Milroy                        Toby Broad

James Jackson                                   Neil Davies                        Alan Wilson

Steve Stringer                                    Nick Stiff                            Gordon Swan

Susan Irvine                                     John Spence                    Geoff Townsend

Graham Turner                               Craig MacNicol                    Sasha Clark

John Billett                                    Kerry Balment                        Ron Ellwood

Andrew Falconer                            Ewan Archer                        Lucy Haggart

Kirsty Currie                                   Eddy Buchan                        Colin Campbell                         

Abi Harries                                    Robert Hanley                        Lesley Hanley

Allan Lumsden                                    Fiona Muir                        George Dobbie

Bryn Backhouse                                Jane Wilson                        Helen Holdcroft

Kate Traill                                            Izzy Gilles                            James Ronald

Scott Fraser                                    Robbie Bell                            Kevin Haynes

Mike Archibald                                Karen Smith                            Liam Perks

Connie Meikle                                    Ellidh Craig                            Maggie Sharp

Jamie Gordon                                   Amanda Shand                        Mike Hardy

Lee McManamon                        Lyndsey McManamon                  Michael Mole

Magnus Callum O’Reilly            Natacha Flamand                        Simon Blackett

David Stubley                                       Brian Ross                        John Harrold

Darren Milne                                Lizzie Johnston                            Christine Bell

Gemma Bakewell                            Hayley Dyer                            Gordon Kippen

Calum Cruickshanks                        Alex Jenkins                            Cara Palmer

Jen Machell                                     Marion deVille                        Gerald deVille

Lois Holmes                                      Bob Edgar                              Ainster Smith

Sandy Reid                                        Nicola Bond                        Karon Hammond

John Hammond                            Nathan Stewart                        Barry Stewart

Terry Barker                                        Daniel Hill                            Robert Green

Mary Reid                                            Leif Brag                                Ross Dakers

Aiden Edmeades                        Campbell Ramsay                        Connor Ramsay

Richard Roundell                         Ruth Calvert                                Amelia Calvert

Gareth Patterson                           Neil Mcintosh                            Gordon Milliken

Brione Atkinson                         Flavia Beckwith                                Sean Hall

Connor Gray                                Mark Jackson                            John McCready

Catherine Hay                            Andrew Robertson                    Calum McRoberts

Shona Campbell                            Phil Fernie                            Thelma Nairn Banks

John Banks                                    John Clements                            Hazel Keir

Ivor Ward                                         Charles Innes                           Dora Smith

Steven Grant                                     Dani Morey                            Nadia Flaherty

Sarah Lee                                    Ross Anderson                        Chris Kilpatrick

Sophie Gault                                   Sophie Banks                        Katie Dickson

Cameron Brown                            Bruce Blackley                            Glyn Jones

Catherine Walker                        Catriona Sutherland                        Val Barr

Ollie Fergusson                            Daniel Bond                                Julian Bond

Curtis Mossop                          Rob Whitson                              Will Holdcroft

Shauna McGroarty               Leisacombe Aliwarden                       Lynn McKay

Shirley McKinney Mudie             Jane Edgar                                Andrew Whyte

Jamie Cooper                               Dara Hunter Blair                     Alison Baikie

Richard Dean                                 Fiona Stuart                            Liam Tinney

Jemma Graham                                  Ali Norman                          Julie Hill

Ian Smith                                 Melissa McFarlane                       Robert Brannan

Gillian Dickson                               Brian Dickson                    Andrew Knowles-Brown

Tony Coucom                                Robert Davey                             Allan Elliott

June Elliott                             Charlotte Jamieson                        Rebecca Higgott

Tim Monckton                             Mary Monckton                           Sue Steven

Scott Bankier                                  Clair Arme                               Glen Sinclair

Paul Wilkie                                    Molly Cartney                         Adele Phillips

Martin Ford                                      Louise Ross                        Claire Ramage

Mr Grove                                        Fred Foster                            David Hall

Iona McPherson                           Calum Geddes                        Libby White

Carmel Royce Kirkley                    Fraser Clyde                    Scott MacKenzie

Stuart Smith                                    John White                            Katie Dey

Marc Willis                                    Paul Chapman                        Brenda Mabon

Daniel Christie                            Craig Ross                                Peter Quail

Anson MacAuslan                        Norman Murray                        Sam Milne

Susan Ross                                    Annie Emslie                        Barry Lewis

Carolin Paton-Smith                    Benjamin Paton-Smith                Elaine Findlay

Cameron Gillies                        Sandy Walker                        Erin McKeracher

Class Niehues                        Kevin Johnston                        Michael Clarke

Mel Shand                             Deirdre Falconer                        Marlies Lem

Hedge Shand                            Jamie Gordon                        Steven Fraser

Paula-Jane Woodward                Dougie Ross                            Helen Savage

Sandy MacKenzie                    Kerry Greenlaw                    Edwina Stacy Marks

Aimee Williamson                    Katie Dickson                        Malcolm Downie

Tracy Johnson                            Connor Blanche                    Sophie Murchie

Elizabeth Wilson                            Iain Paterson                    Andrew McDonald

Kester Brunton                        Jayne Brunton                            Jack Jones

Tim Allen                                        Marie Archer                           Wilma Smith

Lauren MacKay                        Andrew Hayes                            Nicky Ackerley

Mavis Purvis                                    Graeme Purvis                    Charles Mcme

Ben Somerville                                John Taylor                    Bodrick Harvey-Mears

Jason Bone                                    Amanda Davies                    Roger Pentin

Marc Sivewright                                Jessica Rolfe                    Connor Robertson

Emma Stewart                                    Gordon Ross                Connor Robertson

Daniel Macleod                                Grace Dempster                        Ian Dempster

Mo Morrison                                       Gordon Marshall                    Keith Wood

Fiona Dempster                                    Iain Allison                Camps Fly Fishers Association

Gary Wood                                        Wayne Grant                        Gillian Grant

Fraser MacPherson                                Andy Kemp                        Emma Stewart            

Alexander Plommer                            Billy MacKay                        Andrew McDonald

Diane Brown                                    Angie Beaumont                        Ryan Martin

Ashley Hinshelwood                        Lydia Nibbs                                Julie Brady

Alan Brady                                    Alison Gemmell                              Carole Brown                        

Finlay D’arcy Gridwood                    Mike Young                                Kirsty Hogg

Gary Keep                                         Neil Kirkland                                Peter Quail

Maryann Quail                                   Albert Grant                                Isabel Grant

Lucy Quail                                        Linda Armstrong                           Jack Sykes

John Paterson                                Dugald Glasgow                            John Smith

Issy Smith                                          Andy Kemp                Donald Edward Chambers

George Carver                                Julie Farr                                    Eric Gilbert 

Drew Christie                                    Isla McCall                                Robert Betts

Rowan Wiseman                        Rhuaridh Horne                        Michael Chapman

Emma Chapman                            Adam Mair                            Jake Buckthorp

Stewart Miller                            Steve Harmson                            Gemma Laird

Sophie McKenna                    Michael McNally                            Steven Thomson

Gary Miller                                    Robert Mabon                                Kevin McClean

Stanley Wood                            Dominic Walters                            Ben Andrews

Richard Bays                            Andrew Dowson                            Andrew Lamont

Lewis Barry                                G McConnachie                            Carol Sale

Ryan Bone                                Juannelle Findlay                            Derek Leeson                    

Peter Best                                Rick Titchmarsh                                Fraser MacKay

Alison Howarth                            Kenneth Swan                            Alan Bayliss

Nicola Harris                            Karin Marshall                                    Kevin Parker

Scott Bankier                            Aimee Hugill                        Auchterhouse Country Sports

Ben Taylor-MacPherson            Nicola Hannan                                    Richard Wright

Stuart Robertson                    Nicki Morley                                            Lee Paterson

Garth Sharpe                S Riach Contractors                                    Duncan MacKenzie

Alaw Wood                                    Richard McGill                                Davie Mone

John Paterson                        James Smith                                            Shane Robertson

Kevin Hunter                                Geordie Broad                                Charlotte Smith

Ian Dott                                Campaign for working dogs                        Kirsty Hogg

Tom McKinnon                                    Ian Gordon                            Robertsons of Tain

Ryan Thomson                        Louise Middleton                                Jan Van Zandbeek

Gavin Rennie                        Barry Calderwood                                    John Donald

Liane Bagley                                Debbie Farquharson                                    Fishpal

Toby Manners                                    Sam MacArthur                            Isabell Torrance                         

Neil Barcock                                    Charles Stuart                                David Turpin

Jim Davies                                        Marie MacKenzie                              Jane Rodgers

Karin Marshall                                   Craig Kennedy                            Gary Welsher

Toby Manners                                Chris Hemingway                            Hollis Brown

Allan Lumsden                                    Ruth Kerr                                      Jake Backthorp                    

Douglas Kay                                Kimberley Buckthorp                               Kim Sawyer

Andrew Sutherland                        Eric Starke                                           Ian Dempster

Grace Dempster                                Megan Baxter

Gamekeepers Welfare Trust               Lucy Polden                                Alan Bayliss

Alison Gemmell                            Neil Kirkland                                    Pnut Bremner    

Dan Ewart                                   Alexander Plommer                  Alistair Kinghorn

Deirdre Stewart                        Lucy Lafferty                            Ryan Hoggan

Darren Warner                            Ash Darling                                Michael Ross

Louise Smith                            Raymond Harrow                    Dawnmarie Scott

Nicola Hannen                            William Brooks                                      Janet Nicol

Peter Nicol                                    Di Johnston                            Arabella Cruickshank

Robbie Bandeen                    Troels Kragh Klokker                              Allan Stoddart

Carol March                                   Janine Hogg                        Fione Cruickshank

Calum Robertson                            Will Curr                                    Pyet Deli

Sam Chainey                                 Davey Valentine                    Tilly-Rose Bushby

Jim Hood                                    Nigel Sweeney                               Mike Murdoch

Keith Hogg                                   Calum George                            Callum Kippen

Shelby Dunn                                  Peter Keyser                               Duncan Thomas

Kelvin Wilson                                Glen Ample                                Euan Anderson

Stuart Pape                                        Bill Dey                                Darren Milne

Dawid Dudek                                   Derek Adams                        Derek Norman

Catherine Hay                                Rob Hankey                                    Simon Grace

Jeannette Blackley

Lee Walker                                    Neil Dickson                            Val Tromans

Highland Industrial Supplies            Paul Smith                            Karen Hammond

Lindsay Drummond                         Gavin Ferguson                       Gary McKnight

Finn & Game Ltd                            Julie Allen                                 Andrea Renwick

Sarah Finlayson                            David Thomson                           Nicky Davies

Suzie Crerar                               George Buchan                                John Milne

Kevin Haynes                               Joanna Bowlers                    Melissa McFarlane

Robert Brannan                            Jenny Cowan                                Nick Jacques

Shaun Bannister                            Graham Turner                        Bergara Rifles

Bisley at Braidwood                    Gordo Stronach                            Susan Brown

Martyn Ford                                        Many Rae                        Alison MacKenzie

Tracey Murray                               Jerry Saunders                            Robert Jones

Deryck Brown                                Katie Dent                                David Copeland

Colin Stewart                                   Liam Perks                            Malcolm Riddell

Laura Cameron                        Frank Westebbe                            Dom Goutorbe

Adam Watson                                Gordon Swan                        Mathew Price

Anthony Bamford                        Ian McCann                                Martyn Rennie

Tifaine Spiers                            Andy Bell                                    Colin McGregor                

Frances Roberts                    Euan Darroch                            Basil Warren

Kenneth Swan                    Cordiners Sawmill                            Robert Jones

Ben Adam                              Margaret Sierakowski                                Robert Wilson

Thelma McNair Banks                Kim McArthur                            John Banks

Linda McLaren Scott                    Norman Scott                    Michael Scott

Karen Pryde                            Stephen Pryde                            Kenny Trowell

Greg Trowell                                Laura Stewart                        Michael Dunglass

Jenny Cowan                            Eoin Urquhart                    Christopher Kilpatrick

Paul Wilkie                            David Hall                                Sophie MacDonald

Tony Stevenson                    Robert Colquhoun                                    Alex Paul

Ross MacMillan                            Drew Christie                                     Gavin Christie 

Emma Christie                     Evelyn Christie                                 Sophie Banks 

John Banks                             Thelma Banks                                 Gus Greenlees

Cathryn Holloway                    Rupert Williams                                    Gemma Jolly

Mark Jackson                            Neil MacKay                                        Elaine Mavor

Scott Mavor                                Elizabeth Mavor                    Charles Cran-Crombie

Andrew Leach                    Gail McAlpine                                Isabel Murray

Anthony Stodart            James Macpherson-Fletcher                       Kathrin Haltiner 

Callum McDonald                Peter Chapman                                    Richard Bain

John Beaton                        Dave Thomas                                Kelly MacLeod

Alex Catto                        Kevin Hunter                                    Mary Boyd

Hazel Reddington            Gertrud Krenzien                            Iain Macdonald 

Paul Knox                        Randal Wilson                                Louise Forsyth

Colin Dey                            David Jones                            Gill McGregor

David Campbell                Anna Campbell                        Fiona Sinclair

Malcolm Sinclair                   James Low                            Martin Smith

David Mills                        Josh Burton                            Vicki Smith

Paul Smith                        Melanie Smith                                Ian Smith

Thomas Smith                    Lewis Bottomley                    Laura Foster

Lewis Dent                        Colin Mercer                            Philip Blount

Tony Black                            Iain Law                            Adrian Webber

Mike Reddington             Caitlin Reddington                    Dale Robertson

Susan Cowan                            Lucy Robinson                John Castle

Rosalind Smith                    Isobel Ewing                    Bradley Bourner

Richard Dean                    Michael Bain                            Elaine Bain

Adam Mackay                    Lorne Macnicol                Rachel Holloway

John Bain                            James Bain                    Liam Donald

Christopher Coleman            Nick Olden            Geordie Ogilvy-Wedderburn

Kevan Gath                        Alison Wilson                        Paul Wilson

Ross Wilson                            Katie Wilson                James de Jonge

Lucy de Jonge                        Willa de Jonge                    Clover de Jonge

Ava de Jonge                    John Kemp-Welch            Sally Kemp -Welch

Charles Williams                Lizzie Ferry                    Charlie Ferry

Oliver Ferry                        Emily Ferry                    Richard Wills

James Weaver                Laura Weaver                    Patrick Weaver

Patrick Bourdillon            Rose Bourdillon            Flora Bourdillon

Isobel Bourdillon            Miranda Bourdillon            James Miesegaes

Simon Miesegaes        Claira Miesegaes                Lucy Miesegaes

Harriet Miesegaes        Karen Westmacott            John Westmacott

Rosie Westmacott            Hugh Westmacott        Alice Westmacott

Edward Daniels            Tania Illingworth            Jamie Illingworth

Kaye Dott                        Tim Bowie                    Morag Bowie

Hamish Bowie                   Tom Bowie                David Logan

Janice Cunningham Andrew Cunningham And the Forth and Clyde Working Gundog Association

Keith Wood                Bert Burnett                    Colin Gough

Rory Gough                  Emily Mitchell                Anne Heading

Victoria Freer        Shona Stewart                    Graham Stewart

Guy Spurway                Allan Virtue                   Lynne Thomson

Emily Mitchell            Callum Reid                         John Cullen

Julie Brady                    Alan Brady                    Isabel Brady

Billy Brady                 Iona McGregor                Emma McGregor

Euan Munro                Mandy Rae                    Ian McMillan

Ian Warren                Kathy Wills