Friday 29 November 2013


The Scottish Gamekeepers Association would like to thank all those who have signed our tail docking petition, which closes on January 31st 2014, so far. We understand there have been some technical issues to circumvent. We are pleased to say that problems affecting iphones were rectified this morning. Please DO sign and keep encouraging others to do so. If you have a personal social media page, please share it there, too. Twitter, Google Plus, whatever, we need to break through apathy and get this changed for good. Please find the link below. Click on it and where you see the blue letters, click there and complete the petition. The petition closes on January 31st so we have a great chance to show the SNP government that the voice of the working countryside deserves to be listened to, as we were promised. *Due to compatibility issues with certain computer systems, we are aware some people have been unable to sign. We will continue to try to rectify any technical issues. If they prove to be insurmountable, we will include a downloadable form on our website before the closing date, where people can sign and return. We don't want to miss anyone out. Once again, thank you for your great support and let's keep fighting the good fight.