Wednesday 5 February 2014


After providing an extensive written submission and oral evidence to the Rural Affairs Climate Change and Environment Committee, SGA Chairman Alex Hogg has welcomed the announcement that a voluntary approach to deer management in Scotland is to be given the appropriate time to bed in before judgements on its effectiveness, or otherwise, are made. The SGA will now work to ensure this approach, which it considers to be the best, works effectively across the whole of Scotland. “The SGA welcomes the decision of the RACCE Committee as we strongly believe the voluntary system of deer management in Scotland best serves rural jobs and communities, biodiversity and the welfare of Scotland’s deer. “We found it strange this subject was brought back to Parliament so soon when it was agreed during lengthy consultations of the WANE Bill that the Code of Practice should be introduced and given time to bed in. “Progress towards goals has been made and more needs to be done before we can accurately assess the effectiveness of this. It would be unfair, in any situation, for a judgement to be delivered part-way rather than at the end of a process. “Scotland’s gamekeepers remain committed to making this work and the SGA will do all it can to facilitate progress.”