Tuesday 8 April 2014


 The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has welcomed the publication of research on tail injuries in working dogs in Scotland and hopes this evidence will pave the way for a change to the law.

SGA Chairman Alex Hogg said: “The Scottish Gamekeepers Association welcomes the publication of the research from Glasgow University on tail injuries sustained by working gundogs and terriers in Scotland.
“This research has been a long time in coming but provides a sound evidential basis from which to approach a change to the legislation regarding tail docking in working dogs in Scotland.
“That fact that 56.6 per cent of undocked spaniels and 38.5 per cent of undocked Hunt Point Retrievers sustained at least one tail injury in one working season alone suggests, as the research concludes, that docking by one third would significantly decrease the risk of tail injury.
“As from the outset, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association will continue to work towards legislative amendment based on the interests of animal welfare.
“We look forward now to submitting our response to the research findings in the hope that the correct action will be taken by Scottish Government to better the welfare of working dogs in Scotland.
"We thank the Scottish Government for commissioning the research."

In February 2014, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association presented a petition to Holyrood, signed by 4158 people, calling for an end to the ban on the docking of working dogs’ tails.

To see the research findings, click: http://veterinaryrecord.bmj.com/content/early/2014/03/27/vr.102041