Friday 23 May 2014


The Land Reform Report's recommendations were published on the Scottish Government web site this morning, containing over 60 recommendations; many of which are likely to affect SGA members, if implemented.
Read Chairman Alex Hogg's comments below.

SGA Chairman Alex Hogg said: “The Scottish Gamekeepers Association will consider fully the detail of the report.
“Despite seeking clarification from Scottish Ministers that the jobs of our rural working members would be protected in a system placing far greater emphasis on state and community ownership, we have never received any guarantees this would be the case. 
“While some of the proposals are sensible, there is no denying this is a state-centred programme of recommendations which, if implemented, would greatly discourage private investment in Scotland.
“Naturally, this will place a major burden on Scottish tax payers as we seek to re-circulate a smaller pot of money. If the state cannot foot the cost, our members’ jobs on the hills and rivers are at stake and, in our view, the wildlife Scotland treasures will be threatened.

“When gamekeepers were taken off Langholm Moor in the Scottish Borders, all wildlife, both predator and prey, crashed, and it has since taken millions of pounds and years of effort to restore the heather habitat alone. We hope Scottish Ministers consider these major proposals carefully and take into consideration the massive contribution Scotland’s rural workforce makes to the country’s economy and natural heritage.”

To access the full report: click