Monday 11 August 2014


The SGA has received a number of complaints from those unable to answer, in a digital format, the Scottish Government's consultation forms regarding more investigative powers for SSPCA regarding wildlife crime. 
Last week we made Scottish Government aware that many could not fill in the tick boxes and that the email address for sending did not function properly.
We have been made aware that this is the standard document type used for Scottish Government consultations and, if any changes are to be made, this will not happen until after the consultation closes on September 1st, 2014.
In order to assist members and others wishing to fill out the consultation, we have received the following directions in the event of people being unable to fill and send the form online.

Option 1:     Print out the form, complete it on paper and send to

SSPCA Wildlife Crime Consultation
Wildlife Management Branch,
Scottish Government,
Area 1-C North,
Victoria Quay,

Option 2: Type the responses directly into an email and send this. The Scottish Government has confirmed these will be acceptable on the condition that all the respondent information form details are included, including the question numbers.

This should then be sent to the following email address:

We hope that this will assist all those having trouble with the online consultation form.