Thursday 16 October 2014


                                                                SGA Christmas cards

                                                                       SGA Notelets

                                                                  2015 SGA Calendar

With Christmas approaching, SGA members and supporters, like everyone, will be thinking about cards and gifts for friends and family.

Thanks to the hard work of a busy SGA HQ, this year we can offer packs of special SGA Christmas cards, hand-crafted by none other than Committee member, Bert Burnett.
Bert has placed a fun slant on some SGA campaigns and conservation projects, with cards featuring celebrating wading birds, un-docked gun dogs and red deer up to their neck in the white stuff!
He has also carefully sketched some excellent notelets featuring gun dogs in the field, which will make excellent gifts or cards for those special written messages.
We also have a new SGA calendar for 2015 featuring some excellent images from yesteryear as well as topical modern-day shots. You may even recognise some familiar committee faces, but in the flush of childhood. The theme is ‘Gamekeeping Through The Ages’ and the calendars are already proving highly popular.

Hand-crafted SGA Christmas Cards by Bert Burnett (pack of 6): £5.00
Hand-crafted SGA notelets by Bert Burnett (pack of 8): £3.50
SGA 2015 Calendar: £8.50.

To order any of these items, contact the SGA office on 01738 587 515.