Thursday 4 December 2014


The SGA is urging all members, supporters and those with views on both land reform proposals and gun licence fee increases to answer two vital consultations, as individuals.
Land reform proposals contain within them, we feel, certain moves which will seriously undermine community fabric in remote areas, will lead to unemployment of the rural working and will see further control, which should remain in the hands of local people, taken into central control.
As an organisation, we do not disagree with reform per se and believe land, both urban and rural, should be managed properly as this provides a multitude of benefits for people, community and wildlife.
However, we do not believe in working folk being sacrificed as a result of an aspiration which could discourage investment and place a heavy burden on public finance.
We strongly advise that, if you have any views on this, you should make them clear to Scottish Government by answering the official consultation:

The SGA will be making a group presentation but the will of the 'majority' will play a significant part in deciding future direction. You may be small in number but your experience and knowledge is vital. The time to speak up is now. We all have a part to play if we value rural employment for hard working people and their families.

The UK Government is also consulting on proposed increases in gun licence fees. Again, we strongly urge you to respond. The SGA believes a rise in line with inflation, which is being proposed, is sensible and will be recommending this course of action be adopted. If it is, it will be the first rise in 13 years. Encouragingly, the shooting community played a central role in the consultation process. See the consultation here. Please note, this closes at the end of the present month (December):