Friday 13 March 2015


The SGA Fishing Group would like to thank members of the Tay Ghillies Association for inviting us along to the group's meeting in Stanley on Tuesday.
It was a welcome opportunity to discuss how the current state of our rivers, coupled with forthcoming political changes in The Wild Fisheries Review, will affect working people on the rivers.
We were also greatly encouraged by the passion everyone demonstrated for making the rivers work, to preserve employment, economics, tourism, conservation and a way of life.
Since the discussions, further communications have been held aimed at gaining strong representation from across the country as a whole.
We will update on the progress of this, when the first core policy committee will be formed and will meet, and how we can work with efficiency on all the issues affecting us.
Once again, thanks for the support and to all those who have joined up already. If anyone wishes to join and wants more information, please contact the SGA office on 01738 587 515.