Tuesday 23 February 2016


SGA Fishing Group members should make themselves aware of the salmon conservation measures which were laid before Parliament today (Feb 23rd), taking effect from 1st April.
A £100 000 commitment was also made by Dr Aileen McLeod to support angling clubs likely to be affected by mandatory catch and release in areas where this has been classified as a necessary conservation measure.

Legislation has been laid in the Scottish Parliament to introduce a package of conservation measures (including a separate Order covering the Tweed District) to manage the exploitation of Atlantic salmon.  The measures come into force on 31 March 2016 and take effect from 1 April.  
Key aspects of the regulations which have now been laid are:
·         Killing beyond estuary limits will be prohibited for three years due to the mixed stock nature of the fishery and limited data on the composition of the catch
·         The killing of Atlantic salmon in inland waters will be managed on an annual basis by categorising fishery districts by their conservation status
·         A requirement to have a Conservation Plan irrespective of the conservation status
·         The introduction of carcass tagging for net-caught fish for areas in category 1 and 2, which are to be sold commercially (including a separate Order covering the Tweed District). The costs for producing the tags will, in the first instance, be subsumed by Marine Scotland.
The Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform has announced additional support for angling clubs potentially impacted by new regulations.