Thursday 11 August 2016


Eagle chick ringed with conservation agencies on a grouse moor in Angus in 2015. 
In response to a press release from RSPB Scotland, a Spokesman for The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said:

"The Scottish Gamekeepers Association will be asking its members to contact Police Scotland if they know anything regarding the allegations which have been made.
In the past two years the SGA has encouraged its 5300 members to record the eagles on the ground they manage in order to take positive ownership of the role they play in eagle conservation.
We were pleased to report three more nests in occupied territories last year (58), compared to the 2014 survey (55) and, this year, we are extending the survey further north for the first time.
Scotland has one of the highest concentrations of golden eagles in the world and we want our members, many of whom have had eagles on their ground for decades, to continue to be part of that success in a constructive way. Some of the most productive eagle nests in Scotland in the past few years have been on managed grouse moors, with rare triplets in one nest alone last year.
It is not in our, or any of our members' interests, whatsoever, to have negative publicity on the 11th August, the day before people are set to fly into Scotland from all over the world for the start of the grouse season- which injects millions into the rural economy- and to admire the beauty of our well managed landscapes.
We will be asking our members, therefore, to comply with any investigation by the Police or Scottish Government into such allegations. If there is any evidence of wrongdoing by any of our members, appropriate action will be taken."