Wednesday 1 November 2017


Comment from SGA on stories relating to a BBC report from RSPB on bird crime.

"As the report introduction itself says, the figures quoted are taken from a collation of bird crime 'incidents' reported to RSPB.
"The official records of verified crimes in Scotland, authorised by Police, SASA and Scottish Government agencies are published annually and represent the authoritative figures on the extent of bird crimes in this country.
"The latest figures showed bird of prey poisoning to be down 40 percent on 4 years ago, and birds illegally shot to be roughly halved over the last three years. Whilst, regrettably, there was a small rise in crimes by 2 last year, the official data runs contrary to the narrative RSPB is following from its own unofficial report of incidents.
"There are many bodies involved in tackling wildlife crime. Our own organisation has a strict code  governing our members, with a tiny percentage having been convicted of wildlife crime.
"We will continue to work with the Police and Scottish Government on this important issue in the hope that the significant recent improvements in the wildlife crime picture continues in Scotland."