Friday 9 March 2018


This morning (Friday 9th March), Scottish Government announced financial resourcing to assess declining salmon stocks in Scotland.

You can see the full press announcement details, here:

The SGA Fishing Group has welcomed the investment.

A Spokesman for The Scottish Gamekeepers Association Fishing Group said: "It is heartening to see Scottish Government looking into declines in the round. It is known we cannot get to grips with all the causes of salmon mortality at sea, but we can make sure we are doing what we can to safeguard salmon when they are here. We hope the investment will be targeted at declining salmon rather than all being swallowed up in streamlining governance processes. 
"Conservation measures on rivers were the first steps taken by government so tackling the many other factors identified in the announcement is now overdue. Smolt tagging work on the River Dee recently highlighted the problems of predation. The decisions of Scottish Government around fish farm expansion- currently being reviewed at Holyrood- will be an indicator as to the level of government commitment which exists to addressing wild salmon declines on the west coast."