Wednesday 24 April 2019


The SGA has welcomed some clarification today by Scottish Natural Heritage on the present status of General Licences in Scotland but stands in unity with colleagues in England whose lives have been plunged into chaos and confusion over the past 24 hours.
Nature conservation, food production and the welfare of farm livestock all stand to lose from a self-centred action by activists, flooring the countryside at the busiest time.
The SGA has communicated over the course of today with farmers and decision makers, seeking clarity for our members and offering future support.
A functioning licensing system enables individuals to retain businesses and important employment, to protect the welfare of sheep and cattle, to grow economic crops for food and to sustain threatened species at a time when 56 percent of all UK species are in decline, despite considerable public investment in charity-guided conservation.
We will continue to liaise with SNH and relevant authorities to ensure we have a workable licensing system for land managers in future.