Friday 31 May 2019


Teams of gamekeepers assisted the fire service in Moray.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has welcomed the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s vision for tackling the growing threat of wildfires in Scotland.
Members of the fire service met in Elgin on Thursday with agencies and groups involved in the effort to finally bring the recent wildfires in Moray under control.
At the debrief meeting fire chiefs provided an outline of how similar incidents could be tackled in future.
They also pinpointed controlled burning as a crucial element of future fire prevention, stopping potentially uncontrollable fuel loads building up in the Scottish countryside.
Since the fires in Moray and Sutherland, fire chiefs have also met with members of Scotland’s regional moorland groups, who have pledged further assistance in terms of gamekeeping staff -experienced in controlled burning- plus equipment.
Training has also been identified as being of mutual benefit.
“The SGA welcomes the SFRS’s vision for the future. There has been a lot of constructive work in recent weeks, which will be of benefit to the Scottish countryside and the Scottish people.
“Unpredictably hot weather is now becoming more regular in this country and, if fuel loads are high and un-managed, we will see more of the type of fires we have seen this year; fires which have devastated large areas and habitats.
“The SGA will continue to work with the fire service, who do an amazing job. Wherever opportunities exist to make the job easier, we are open, whether that is skills, equipment or training” said SGA Chairman, Alex Hogg.