Thursday 20 June 2019


Some recent SGA Fishing Group activity in the news.

Following a meeting of the SGA Committee yesterday (JUNE 19TH), an agreement, in principle, was reached to facilitate the enlargement of the existing SGA Fishing Group at a critical time for wild fisheries and the thousands of vital jobs which go along with it in Scotland’s communities.
There was an understanding between attendees that those whose livelihoods depend on Scotland’s rivers, coupled with concerned anglers and businesses, now need a unified voice and structure to begin tackling some of the major problems identified, quickly.
There was also an acknowledgement of commonality between how the SGA itself formed in 1997 at a time when the gamekeeping, stalking and wildlife management sectors faced a period of unprecedented threat.
Despite many challenges over the years, the organisation has evolved and developed into the strong body it is today.
The SGA would like to thank those who have pledged support to the group so far. This backing is an important first step. There is an acknowledgement that more work needs to be done, in this area, if the group is to achieve future sustainability.
The agreement, in principle, therefore is based on the need for action and unity of voice to preserve the precious asset we have in Scotland and our renowned salmon fisheries.
The SGA will support the SGA Fishing Group’s development through existing resource.
Time resource and support will also be given (initially) within the current structure in the expectation that the group’s activity will propel further membership and attract the kind of financing which will enable further development and be able to finance staffing commitment dedicated exclusively to the group’s needs.
Discussions are presently taking place on initial time resource which can be committed.
Currently, all work plan decisions of the SGA Fishing Group are made by the members, for the members. This is the way the group will continue to be run, from the ground level up, but with backing and technical support from an established organisation with 22 years of experience in dealing with the many issues affecting working people on both land and river.

*A meeting date will be organised shortly for existing SGA Fishing Group members to attend, along with those who have pledged support and others who would like to hear more. Those who have communicated with the SGA office by pledging, will be contacted by the office about the meeting date. There is an acknowledgement that not everyone will be able to make the meeting. However, those in attendance will be able to relay information within the fishing community.

The meeting will serve 2 purposes. 1/ A discussion of group operations and buy-in 2/ a prioritised activity plan until the end of 2019 and beyond.