Thursday 26 March 2020


For the attention of members: Polite Notice.

Members have been dealing with a higher than usual number of people taking exercise on the grounds on which they work, including people traveling to the countryside in cars.

Government guidance is clear: People have a right to exercise once a day, close to home and should avoid unnecessary travel.

While it is evident that many people are heeding this advice, some others are not, understandably attracted to the allure of Scotland's well managed landscapes for the limited amount of exercise they are now getting due to restrictions. Members should use caution when approaching individuals and should follow social distancing rules.

The SGA office has been made aware of members receiving verbal abuse when asking people to return to cars and follow Government guidance.
While members are accustomed to dealing with the public at normal times (these are not normal times), they should apply the same polite approach but it is not the job of our members to police the lockdown, even if it is clear that breaches are occurring.
That responsibility lies with the Police, who have the powers to deal with those deemed to be in infringement of guidance.

Stay safe. Observe guidance.

The SGA stands in unity with all men and women keeping the country going at this time.