Wednesday 18 November 2020

Update on Coronavirus Restrictions From 20th November 2020

Following yesterday's announcement from the First Minister regarding Scottish Government guidance regarding non-essential travel which will become Law on Friday 20th November 2020.

What does this mean for our members?

As of Friday 20th November People living in Tier 3 or Tier 4 areas MUST NOT travel out of their local authority area, except for certain essential purposes. (to check your tier please use the following link Also , people living elsewhere in Scotland MUST NOT travel into Tier 3 or Tier 4 areas, except for essential purposes.

Travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK

Restrictions and advice on what you can do and where you can travel are also in place within England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The current Scottish Government guidance, given the state of the epidemic across the UK is that people avoid any unnecessary travel between Scotland and England, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

This applies to people who live in Scotland and to people who live elsewhere in the UK who are thinking of coming to Scotland.

This may change as the virus spreads or is suppressed in different areas, and as the rules and guidance in place there change. Please check the Scottish Government website before starting any journey. 

If you have to travel for essential purposes, follow the guidance on travelling safely which can be found via the following link

Recreational shooting activities including target shooting, game shooting, deer stalking and wildfowling would NOT be an essential purpose for travel.

Shooting related work such as beating and picking-up on shoot days; essential bird and mammal pest control to protect crops or livestock would be an essential purpose to travel.  Pest control activities would be as follows Shooting or trapping of pest bird species under general licence, management of rodents and rabbits; deer management as part of a plan agreed with and requested by the landowner. Also game management or gamekeeping activities such as looking after game birds, habitat management and pest/predator control.

Members in Tier 4 need to be aware of the following change.

As of Friday 20th November shooting will No longer be exempt from socialising restrictions in Tier 4 areas.  This means that shooting activities may only take place with up to a maximum of 6 people from no more than 2 house holds.

For Tiers 1, 2 and 3

In Tier 1, 2 and 3 multi-person shoots will be able to continue providing they follow the Covid-19 guidance framework for country sports

However, persons living in Tier 3 areas will not be permitted to travel to other Tier areas for any purpose other than essential purposes, which does not include organised shooting sports.

Persons from Tiers 1 and 2 areas will be able to travel to other Tier 1 and 2 areas, including travelling through Tier 3 or 4 areas to get to their destination.

We will be updating this guidance as and when we get new information from the Scottish Government so please keep an eye on the website and social media site for updated information.

Should our members have any other queries  or require a Risk Assessment Template please do not hesitate to contact the office and they will endeavour to assist you.