Friday 22 January 2021


Dear members,

we hope you are keeping well in these strange times.

Like every business or organisation, the pandemic has forced us to rethink plans for 2021. 

Obviously our AGM is not far away. It is an occasion we look forward to every year, giving us all a chance to meet up and discuss things.

There will still be an AGM on Friday 5th March but it will take place online rather than in person. 

As usual, it will be for members only and we will give you more details near the time about how you can log in securely and watch the events taking place. 

With the Holyrood election happening soon, a new element to the AGM this year will be a Political Hustings, with MSPs giving their take on how they can represent you, the members, in Holyrood, and answering some of your questions. If you would like to table a question to any of the main parties, email

We cannot guarantee to be able to ask all of them, given time limits, but we will try to ask as many as we can.

We will update you on who will be attending, from each political party, when this is finalised. 

Another element we have to consider is our Protest. We are delighted to announce that this will take place on Friday 19th March. 

The Rural Workers’ Protest 2021, #RWP21, organised by The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, is an opportunity for everyone across the countryside, on land and river, to unite and find their voice.

The pandemic, again, will debar meetings of people in a physical space but we are working hard to ensure we can deliver a Demonstration which will send a strong message to Holyrood. It may not be our only one in 2021, depending on how the virus dictates things.

If you want to participate in #RWP21email us on and we can tell you how you can help and what actions you can take. 

Have a great weekend.

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman, Alex Hogg.