Wednesday 26 May 2021


Commenting on the news today that Scottish Government is to enter into discussions with the Scottish Greens about a coalition at Holyrood, 

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, said: “Issues such as the Constitution are of no concern to us. However, we made it clear before the election and we are making it clear now, the Scottish Greens have made it an aspiration to abolish our members’ jobs. As their representatives, we cannot stand back and allow that to silently happen.

“Lorna Slater reiterated last week in Parliament the Greens’ desire to end what they call ‘bloodsports’ in Scotland. These legitimate activities sustain 13 100 jobs in remote Scotland and deliver millions of pounds worth of free conservation for the Scottish public, from deer management to salmon conservation and preserving moorland habitats.

“Scotland will not meet climate targets without rural workers helping to deliver them on the ground. You don’t help the planet by putting thousands of families on the dole.

“We urge Scottish Government to take rural workers' jobs into account in any decision over a Green coalition- they will need these people to meet their targets in the weeks and months ahead.”