Thursday 16 September 2021


Photo accompanying the Shooting Times article, referenced below.

The SGA is urging members and supporters to respond to the UK consultation on lead shot, issued by DEFRA’s new chemicals regulator, UK Reach.

The consultation, which closes on October 22nd, is seeking evidence ahead of UK Reach issuing options for future restrictions on the use of lead ammunition.

The link to the online consultation can be found here:

An article published by Shooting Times this week

highlights just how extensive the reach of this consultation is, with evidence even required to assess restrictions on clay pigeons, targets and silhouettes.

DEFRA has already indicated it is 'moving towards' a complete future ban- something which would also pertain to Scotland.

It is clear that, should individuals or organisations have evidence relevant to the debate on the future of lead shot, now is the time to present this to the consultation. 

Some Countryside shooting organisations, lead by BASC, have publicly declared they are behind the phasing out of lead over 5 years and are working with the UK Government.

The SGA was asked to sign up this position but did not do so. The SGA remains unconvinced by present evidence, particularly on how humane and safe lead shot alternatives, currently in development, are when it comes to wildlife management with welfare in mind. 

The SGA position can be read, here:

*NB: An article in the forthcoming edition of Scottish Gamekeeper contains a link to the consultation which has subsequently been moved since the time of writing. The consultation link in this article is the most recent and the one to use.