Wednesday 15 December 2021

Schöffel Country raise £12,000 for the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust over Black Friday Weekend


Photo credit: Sarah Farnsworth & Schöffel Country  

Schöffel Country are delighted to announce that they have raised over £12,000 in support of the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust, thanks to their Giveback initiative over the Black Friday weekend.

Earlier this year, Schöffel Country launched its latest campaign, Diary of a Gamekeeper, which celebrates and acknowledges the practice of gamekeeping and the important role it plays in the countryside. Providing a diary-like entry, Schöffel Country follows Gamekeeper Matt Tipping from Leicestershire, who has been a gamekeeper for over 30 years. The entries detail his career to date, his conservation efforts and the responsibilities he obtains whilst working at Whatton House. The autumn edition was released in late November.

During 25th – 30th November inclusive to celebrate the launch of the autumn edition of Matt’s diary, Schöffel Country gave back to the Gamekeeping community by running a promotion online with £5 from every order placed during this period donated to the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust.  

Helen Benson, Chief Executive of The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust commented: “A total of £12,025! We are completely blown away by this marvellous result and the support Schöffel have given the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust for which we are so very grateful.  This means we can go ahead with our ‘Keeping Warm’ campaign for the people who need it most especially when so many have been suffering through the storms and extreme cold of late, it will make a real difference to so many.  Thankyou.” 

In the autumn entry in his seasonal diary, Matt’s son was awarded Young Gamekeeper of the Year, which was a huge surprise to his family and a momentous moment for Matt’s son, John. It was clearly an emotional moment for everyone involved and shows the appreciation the community has for gamekeepers.

Marcus Janssen, Country Brands Directed said: “A highlight of this year has unquestionably been our hugely successful Give Back initiative, launched across the Black Friday weekend, to raise funds for the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust (GWT). It’s been incredibly rewarding for us at Schöffel Country to be able to give back to this brilliant organisation. Gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies are at the very heart of our community, without them it would be a very different story and the British countryside would not be the same. The work that the GWT are doing has never been more relevant or important, they are providing invaluable support to our wildlife and the livelihoods of those who live and work in rural Britain. As a small organisation every donation really counts, so we were thrilled by the support of our customers and were hugely proud to be able to make this donation to such a worthy cause.”


When asked what he finds most rewarding about Game keeping, Matt mentioned what many countrymen and -women refer to: seeing wildlife. ‘…whether that’s a hare with her leveret, a brood of wild greys or a cloud of finches lifting from a well-managed game cover crop’.

 You can find Matt’s Diary of a Gamekeeper, at