Friday 14 March 2014


 The SGA has been asking you, the members, to report all damage, theft or interference of traps and snares to your local police force. When reporting these crimes we asked you to demand a crime or incident number so the crime was logged. We wish you to continue doing this.
BASC Scotland has received funding from Scottish government to set up a system where this information can be logged and collated over a year-long period. All land management organisations, including the SGA, are participating in this, with the results going to Scottish Government and PAW Scotland. We welcome this and suggest you log every instance of illegal trap interference or damage, using the email address:
This information will be used to show government the extent of the problem and influence any future action.
Should you experience problems in obtaining crime numbers from the police or do not feel your problem is being taken seriously by your local force then contact the SGA, we will be happy to look into any queries.
Traps and snares are operated under strict conditions in Scotland, by trained practitioners. Interference with these operations is illegal.