Wednesday 26 March 2014


In January, First Minister Alex Salmond announced a review of wild fisheries management in Scotland.

It is clear that the review’s scope will not include impacts on wild fisheries of aquaculture, ongoing since The Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013, and possible methods to mitigate for the benefit of all.

The aims of the review are to:

  • Develop and promote a modern, evidence-based management system for wild fisheries fit for purpose in the 21st century and capable of responding to the changing environment.

  • To manage, conserve and develop our wild fisheries to maximise the sustainable benefit of Scotland’s wild fish resources to the country as a whole and particularly to rural areas.

It is vital that all those who value wild fish in Scotland and their management, either as an angler or a river ghillie whose livelihood depends on sound management of our river systems, takes the time to submit a cogent response to the review.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, on behalf of its river ghillie members whose jobs may be affected, has asked to make a detailed submission to the Scottish Government and would be interested to hear views on this subject.

Review Chairman Andrew Thin will be meeting groups in round table discussion meetings during the course of the review and it is important that interested parties attend these meetings to glean as much information as possible.

To see the latest on the Review, its panel and the way forward, visit

The review begins this month, with a report to be sent to Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse in six months.